Weekend Extension ~ What's in a Name?

Macy has been really into her name lately.  As most kids are, she is proud of each letter in her name.  She loves to point out each word that has letters like hers.  "Mommy, that word has a C just like my name!" she will say.  So, with all the excitement about the ABC's (I mean the M-A-C-Y's) I can't help but try to encourage and extend her love of letters!

Here are some ideas to encourage your little letter lovers to enjoy their precious names even more...

  • Write her name out really BIG, laminate it, and then give her Wikki Stixs or playdough to practice making the letters over the top of your writing.  This is also a great fine motor skill for kiddos with disabilities.
  • Look in magazines together to find and cut out each letter in his name.  Then glue them on paper.
  • Play I-Spy in the grocery store or riding in the car to find letters.  See how many times you can find each letter.
  • Let her write her name in shaving cream or pudding on the table.
  • Make a book.  Put each letter in his name at the top of a page.  Then, let him find words that start with each letter to put on the corresponding page.
  • Make "bean letters" by writing her name in glue and then have her place beans on the glue. (another great fine motor activity)
  • If you don't have an aversion to glitter, write his name in glue, and then let him shake glitter all over it. 
Letter exploration is one of my favorite Teachable Moments...enjoy the pride that each letter brings!   


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  1. What fun ideas! I love your blog and thanks for the comment on mine! :)