Ten for Tuesday ~ Teachable Moments Outside

  1. How many different types of leaves can you find?
  2. What shapes or pictures can you see in the clouds?
  3. What sounds do you hear?  Instead of calling them out, print out pictures of things that you might hear, such as a dog, a bird, trees blowing, and a car.  When your child hears each item have them circle or color in the picture.  
  4. On a windy day, collect some things from your home or outside that might fly away in the breeze, like a cotton ball, leaves, a feather, and a scarf.  Release one thing at a time and see which one goes the farthest.  Which things fall directly to the ground?
  5. After rain or when snow is melting, place a leaf in the run off water by the curb and see how far you can follow it before it gets stuck or falls in the drain.
  6. Go on a nature walk to collect grass, seeds, acorns, twigs, leaves, etc. in a basket.  Then sit under a tree and make a nature college on paper with your collection and some glue.
  7. Plant flowers and care for them as they grow.  How tall do they get?  How wide are they?  Giant sunflowers are a fun choice!
  8. Plant veggies and care for them as they grow.  Kids are more likely to eat them, if they helped grow them!
  9. Go on a bug hunt.  Let the kids take a picture of each bug and then compare and contrast where each one lives.
  10.  Play, play, play!!!  Freeze tag ~ Frisbee ~ Hide-n-go-seek ~ Catch ~ Etc.


  1. Spring is right around the corner. Yay!
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  2. Great ideas! I cant wait for my Little Bit to be big enough for him to understand teachable moments. Thanks for giving me some ideas to file away. I cant wait to see more teachable moments :D

    I am your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday. I hope you will take a second to pop over and say hi :D Have a blessed week!