ABC Match-ups

One of our favorite rainy day activities is a simple ABC matching game.  

We use my old alphabet cards...ya know the ones that teachers put up above the chalkboard that go all the way across the wall A to Z...and some alphabet blocks.  Our blocks happen to be clear and have an object in the middle that starts with the corresponding letter, but any alphabet blocks will do.

First, you mix up the alphabet cards and then have your child help spread them out in the correct order all the way across the room or down the hall and around the corner...whatever works in your home.  After that's finished, you take out one alphabet block at a time and have your kiddo find the match.  She places it on the matching alphabet card and runs back to get another block until every card has a matching block.

This takes about 45 minutes at our house and for some reason has yet to lose its interest...probably because they are never in the same order twice or we make the line go into different rooms...I don't know, but it works!  It takes up a lot of energy for your kiddo to run back and forth to get another block,

which is why it is a great rainy day activity.  

Hope you enjoy this Teachable Moment!
We sure do!!!


  1. I love your ideas! They're simple, do-able, and fun!!!! So glad you're doing this blog :)