Ten for Tuesday ~ Teachable Moments during Chores

Here are 10 simple, kid friendly chores that teach early math skills...
  1. Sorting clothes by color
  2. Feeding the family pet (measuring)
  3. Loading the dishwasher (shapes & how things fit)
  4. Setting the table (1 to 1 correspondence)
  5. Watering plants (the big plant needs 1/2 a watering can, while the small plant needs 1/4)
  6. Folding laundry (How many pairs of socks will 10 socks make? Folding washcloths in 1/2 or quarters)
  7. Putting away books or toys (How many books are we putting on the shelf?  Count how many game pieces go in the box.)
  8. Unloading clean silverware (sorting by shape)
  9. Brushing teeth (set timer to learn how long 1 minute lasts)
  10. Crossing off the days on a calendar ( number recognition & yesterday, today, tomorrow awareness)  


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