Home-School...Maybe; Teaching at Home...Of Course!

Although Macy is only 3 (and 1/2, she would add) years old, Phillip and I have already begun questioning whether we want to send her to public school, private school, or...drum roll, please...


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking...home-school???  How will she make friends?  Will she be socially awkward?  How will she learn calculus?

Trust me, I've thought about all of that and more!  BUT,

have you seen that "village" out there, and do you want it raising your children???

So, along the way to help us make our decision, I have decided to be more deliberate about finding the Teachable Moments in our lives.  I want to follow Macy's lead on the things she is exploring and questioning and help her find answers and think deeper.  Hopefully, through this effort, we will find out if homeschooling is right for us and maybe inspire some of you

to deliberately seek out the Teachable Moments in your lives, as well!

Hope you enjoy the journey...



  1. What a great idea for a blog! Good for you. I have homeschooled my boys all the way through, after teaching in the public schools for 8 years. I loved teaching, but being at home was right for us. Even though it's been extremely difficult at times, for now we're happy with this choice. Ultimately, you need to choose what's right for you and your family...don't let anyone else tell you that their answer is the only one.

    I found you via the blog hop on Twins Plus One. Nice to meet you! My blog is Earnest

  2. I agree - it's a great blog idea!

    And the village out there concerns me a little too...I'll be interested to see what turns out to be right for your family!