Environmental Print

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Now on to our Teachable Moment of the day...

It's grocery store day at the Butler household, and that means tons of Teachable Moments!!!  Children can learn to "read" long before they can truly read through Environmental Print, and oh the excitement they feel with this accomplishment!!!

Environmental Print is any sign or label that we see in our everyday lives, such as the McDonalds sign or the Cheerios box.

Before you go to the grocery store next time, cut out some of the labels from your child's favorite foods.  Glue each label on an individual index card.  Punch a hole in each index card and put them all on a ring to take to the store.  

Let your child hold the ring of cards while in the grocery store.  His/her job is to find each item from an index card in the store and point it out or put it in the basket.  This is a fun activity for toddlers all the way up to children learning to read.  It is also a great skill for teenagers and adults with disabilities who want to be more independent but still need a little assistance with daily tasks.  

Environmental Print is everywhere, so have fun and make it a Teachable Moment!  


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  5. Found you via the blog hope! Great blog! You are so right about the environmental print. I'm always amazed what my kids pick up on. Whenever we are in the car, I hear them saying, "Oh look there's Applebee's" or "Do you need to go to Brakes Plus?" It cracks me up and makes me happy each time. so smart. :)

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