Red and Purple Make Pink

In preparation for our 2nd annual Valentine's Tea Party with Granny, I found this marvelous yet simple craft over at Make and Takes.  I thought it would be perfect for Macy to make for placemats for the tea party, so off we went preparing our art area making sure not to let the paint touch on the paper plate.  Ya know how some people can't let their food touch???  Well, Macy can't let her paint touch...

until today...

She was making the best heart prints and they were going to be the cutest little placemats...

and then...

She started finger painting and screamed out, "Mommy, red and purple make pink!"   

  I assured her that it is really red and white that make pink, but she insisted and told me to watch.  Her pink paint-covered hands took some red paint and blobbed it on the paper and then some purple paint and blobbed it on the red and sure enough it did make pink!  In fact, every combination of paint she came up with made pink, and when we washed her hands in the sink the water even turned pink!  Fun Times!!!

Teachable Moment for mom ~ They are still the cutest little placemats!
Teachable Moment for Macy ~ I can mix colors to make new colors!

In order to convince her that every color combo doesn't make pink, we did some more mixing with chalk, crayons, and water color paints.  Then we played a Curious George mixing game on the internet, and read one of her old favorite books, White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker, that now has brand new meaning!  


  1. What a fun idea!!! My girls would love this craft. I'm your newest follower!

  2. Oh, so cute! I love the title of your blog! I am a 2nd grade teacher. ;)

    Thanks for following! I'm now following you too!