Weekend Extension ~ Jellybeans

We borrowed this book from the library 2 weeks ago and just HAD to recheck it.  Macy loves it!

It's a cute, little story about 4 friends who are all different but go well together...just like jellybeans.

Now for the extension activities and some bonus Teachable Moments...

  1. Graph a bag of jelly beans by sorting them by color.  Then, put each color in a line to see which color has the most, least, same, etc.
  2. Have your own "Big Book Bonanza."  If your child is too young to give an oral report like in the story, you might have them draw a picture of their favorite story or find pictures in a magazine to cut out that remind them of the story.  For even younger children, a book report could just involve you asking questions about the story and your child pointing to the correct picture in the book.  Ex.  Where is the yellow dress?  Point to the apple.
  3. Visit the library!
  4. Fill different sizes of containers with jellybeans.  Have your child guess which container contains more jellybeans.  Then, have them estimate how many jellybeans each container holds.  Finally, count the jellybeans in each container to see how close their estimations were to being correct.  
  5. Spell "jellybeans" with glue.  Let your child place real jellybeans on top of the glue to make jellybean letters. 
  6. In the story, the friends wear shirts that each have a different letter, B-E-A-N.  Cut out a shirt shape for each letter.  Then, let your child make a collage of things that begin with that letter.  They could go on a word hunt and actually write words that begin with each letter on the corresponding shirt, or they could draw, cut out pictures, use stickers, or glue small objects.  Don't forget to let them try to make a shirt with the first letter of their name on it!         

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