Success Times 3

What a GREAT weekend we had!!!

1.  The 2nd annual Valentine's Tea Party went off without a hitch.

She is helping prepare the fruit pizza.  (Thanks for the recipe, Aunt Dana!)

There is some great conversation going on here!!!

2.  Okie (our Maltese) & Macy finally play well together!

He is trying to get his ball out of her hand, and both just love this game.

They have been jealous of each other like you would not believe since the day we brought Macy home from the hospital.  They truly fight like brother and sister...hiding each other's toys...pushing each other out of the way from getting too much of our's quite hilarious!  Anyhow, just this weekend, they have started playing ball together, and it is amazing.  That 5 minutes to myself or time to have a conversation with my husband is priceless!  

3.  We have found a television show to enjoy as a family that is not a cartoon!  Hallelujah!!!

I don't know why this show hasn't come to my mind before.  I am probably the last parent on Earth to figure this one out, and to think, this show is quite the tradition in our family.  It brings back fond memories of being at my Granny and Pa's house sitting around their kitchen table (which is now in my breakfast nook) waiting for Granny to finish the goulash while Pa buttered my bread with his shaky WWII hands.  Oh, how I miss my Granny & Pa!  
Anyhow, call me a bad parent if you want, but there are just some times that we want to chill in front of the TV instead of constantly entertaining a 3 year old, but yet still enjoy having her close to us, and Wheel of Fortune is our answer to this dilemma.  Hey, it is all about letters, and that, I say...

is a Teachable Moment!  

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