Indoor Carnivals

Ever since we attended a couple of Fall Carnivals at churches this past year, Macy has been totally into designing carnivals at home.  It has been quite fun.  She makes her own tickets and prizes, and we have put together some great carnival games in our living room with just some stuff from around the house.  Believe it or not, carnivals are great places to share some Teachable Moments with your children!

Turn Taking
Chance & Probability
Following Directions

Here are just a few simple games to make at home ~ the possibilities are endless!

  • Pour beans or rice into socks, then tie a knot in the end to make bean bags.  Cut holes in a large box or even just find some buckets or bowls for target practice.  Each hole, bucket or bowl can be worth different amounts of points to practice addition.  
  • Find some shoe boxes and stick pencils in them to where they are sticking up out of the boxes and through the lids.  Use children's plastic bracelets to have a ring toss.  If you don't have bracelets, cut the inside of butter tub lids out and use the outside of the lids for rings.  Again, you can work on adding points. 
  • Use some rubber duckies or anything else that floats to learn about probability.  Put diamonds on the bottom of some ducks, hearts on others and a star on only one duck.  Float the ducks in a large pan of water and see how many times you pick a diamond versus a star.     
I'm sure your children will think of many more carnival game ideas...our carnivals have gotten quite extravagant, and are so much FUN!!!

Speaking of carnivals, check out the giveaway at Kara's Party Ideas!  She is giving away a carnival birthday party!


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