Snapfish Picture Books

If you haven't already tried it, I encourage you to go to and make picture books for your children.  They are amazing!  You just put in your own pictures and captions, and then they show up in your mailbox.  It is a marvelous way to encourage your children in the love of reading!

Macy revisits her picture books all the time.  She loves to read about herself and look at her pictures over and over and over again.  You can make them in anyway you want.  My next project is to make a book for her featuring our recent Disney World trip.  She always learns the words to her own picture books so much faster than regular old storybooks, and it is like a scrapbook and storybook all in one!  What could be better?  

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  1. I made my daughter an ABC book from a company similar to snapfish and she loves it! I need to try a picture book, thanks for the tip. Found you through the hop.