Precious Childhood Collections

Does your kiddo like to pick up everything on walks from leaves to sticks to rocks and everything in between?  Well, Macy sure does!!!  We ALWAYS have to take a basket on our walks, sometimes even if we are just walking to the mailbox!

Lately, she has been really into collecting rocks.  We pick them up everywhere.  Heck, we have even pulled the car over to score a good rock or two!

So, to make a long story short...I bought this book to help with all the questions about the different types of rocks, and, well, just to make a Teachable Moment out of our basket of rocks!  This momma might know a lot about literacy and mathematics, but put a rock in front of me, and, well, it's just a rock!

Smithsonian Rock and Gem by Bonewitz, Ronald Louis, Carruthers, Margaret, Efthim, Richard, 9780756633424

We are planning to go on some really big rock hunt road trips to find even prettier rocks and then learning a thing or two together while matching our rocks to rocks in the book.

It should be a great Teachable Moments' Adventure for the whole family!

We are also enjoying a little hopping with...


  1. My girls definitely do this, especially my youngest! We call her the "collector" anything she deems pretty, interesting or just feels like picking it up - makes it's way home!

    Great idea to explore the rock fascination furthur!

    Bernadette - new follower

  2. Great idea to grab the book. My 16 month-old can't walk anywhere without picking up whatever she finds, LOL. At least she knows to leave them outside... they will 'wait' there fore her.