Easter Egg Hunt with Letter Scramble

Do you need a fun, seasonal, hands-on way to practice spelling words or sight words?  

Try an Easter egg hunt!  

  1. Just make a list of the words your child is working on.
  2. Assign each word a color of Easter egg.
  3. Write each word out in big letters.
  4. Cut the words apart by letter.
  5. Put one letter in each egg.  
  6. Hide the eggs.
For example, for the word "THE" cut a T, H, and E out and put each letter in a separate yellow egg.  Then, for the word "AND" cut an A, N, and D out and put each letter in a separate pink egg.  Hide the 6 eggs, or as many eggs needed to cover the spelling or sight word list.

Now, have your child go on a hunt to find all of the eggs.  Let him/her sort the eggs by color, open them up, and try to make words out of the letters.  If this is too much of a challenge, there is nothing wrong with providing your child with a word list to help.  A word card could also be provided for each color set.  Then, your child will just have to match the letters to what they see on the word card.

     Happy Hunting!

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