10 for Tuesday ~ Fun with Rain Puddles

  1. Guess if objects will float or sink and then try them out in the puddles.
  2. Float paper boats.
  3. Use watercolors or chalk paint to paint the driveway or sidewalk.  Use the puddles to rinse off the brushes before changing colors.
  4. Practice the long jump as you jump over puddles.
  5. Talk about depth and use a ruler to measure how deep each puddle is.
  6. Puddles are great target practice for pebbles!
  7. Play a magnetic fishing game.  Just tie some yarn with a magnet on the end to a stick.  Then, put some magnetic fish in the puddles...try the dollar store or just make your own.
  8. Use the water to help make a mud pie.  I think this is a lost art!
  9. Use a small cup to scoop up the water from a puddle.  Pour the water into a watering can and use it to water house or porch plants.
  10. Put on your rubber boots and splash!!!
In Ontario, April 27th is National Puddle Day.  It is a day set aside to honor those children whose lives are cut short.  Everyone is encouraged to wear their rubber boots and jump in puddles.  What a great way to remember children!  

My neighbor looked at me crazy for allowing my daughter to splash in rain puddles the other day.  I really don't know why.  I'm sure we all can remember how much fun splashing in puddles was when we were kids!!! I hope you enjoy splashing in puddles this Spring and take the opportunity to make it a Teachable Moment!

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